French Alps Nordic/Cross Country skiing lessons in France

The esf France HandiSki tuition offers anyone the chance to enjoy the mountains. The French Alps disability skiing lessons uses speciality instructors


Surprise yourself in other disciplines under the guidance of our esf mountain enthusiasts! Disciplines include: Cross Country Skiing, Biathlon, Ski Touring plus more.

Who is Cross Country Skiing for?
Not necessarily a typical British pastime, Cross Country skiing can offer many pleasures both in the physical sense and in the discovery of natural beauty.

For beginners or the more experienced and accompanied by an esf instructor, explore the surroundings of the resort on cross country ski trails adapted to your level and discover the beauty of the mountains.

Adults of all levels
Children from 4 years.

GROUP LESSONS FROM – 33€ to 110€ per day based on a 6 day course
PRIVATE LESSONS FROM 50€ per hour to 120€ per hour

Price Includes

  • Tuition

Price Excludes

  1. Lunch
  2. Equipment

What to expect

Options fro French Alps Nordic/Cross Country skiing lessons in France

Classic Cross Country Style
The skis used in the classic form of Cross Country are long and narrow. They do not have metal edges and the central part is waxed for restraint or, failing that, fitted with scales as part of a tourism leisure practice.
This traditional technique, called classic, consists of moving forward in 2 parallel tracks. It is also called the alternative step technique, because the glide is done from one foot to the other.

Skating Cross Country Style
The skater's step, also called by it's English name 'skating', is practiced with smooth skis, without retention wax, to glide as best as possible over the entire length.

This style, which is akin to skating, more demanding than the classic, requires a certain physical condition.
Other Practices

The alliance of effort and precision!
Biathlon is a complete sport which combines physical effort and great concentration.

With passionate esf instructors, come and discover in groups or individually this incredible sport! Biathlon is lesser known to the British guests, however, due to the accessibility of the equipment and instructors it is now available to all. It is advisable to have some knowledge of Nordic skiing to start. Even though the style of skating is that of biathlon, it can be done just as well in classic skiing.


French Alps Nordic/Cross Country skiing lessons in France: From €33 to €110 for 1 days

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€33 to €110 1 days
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