Discover Winging Beginner Course in Turks & Caicos

Welcome to wing surfing heaven! Learn how to wing surf on this 2-hour beginner course on the stunning blue waters in the Turks & Caicos.

2 hours
$250 to 350
Discover Winging Beginner Course in Turks & Caicos

Would you like to learn wing surfing? Join our Discover Winging Beginner Course in Turks & Caicos.

Wing surfing/ foiling is a fun new wind sport that uses a hand held wing and the wind to pull you across the water. Our professional team has years off experience to share with you to make your journey of learning safe and fun!

Discover winging is perfect lesson for newcomers to the sport. We provide all the equipment and teach you the ins and outs of setup and safety to get you flying a wing straight away. Using a stand-up paddle board, we will practice wing and board control to get you cruising across the water. This package will teach you the fundamentals of winging with a stable board in a fun and safe environment.

Available as private or semi-private lesson.

Price Includes

  • 2 hour of coaching on top of the line equipment

Price Excludes

  1. Transportation to the school

What to expect

Discover Winging Beginner Course in Turks & Caicos: Schedule

The Onda team will great you with a smile at our Long Bay Beach location. They will teach you to asses the weather conditions, select the correct equipment and then set it up. You will learn to control the wing on the beach before progressing to the water. Next you will learn how to mount the board and start getting your first rides. Once you are cruising your instructor will teach you how to ride upwind and downwind. The focus of the lesson is having fun and getting all the skills required to move onto the foil board.

Skills learned:
Setup, wind/spot assessment
Wing control and safety
How to get standing on the board
Steering the board
Upwind and downwind riding
Pumping the Wing


Discover Winging Beginner Course in Turks & Caicos: From $250 to $350 for 2 hours

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$250 to $350 2 hours
From $250

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