Carv Ski Improvement Program in Poiana Brasov, Romania

Join Carv Ski Improvement Program in Poiana Brasov, Romania to use data to take your skiing to the next level in the Carpathian Mountains

5 days
€1,199 to 1,199

Already ski but want to improve? Then join the Carv Ski Improvement Program in Poiana Brasov, Romania. As the most comprehensive ski course on the market  you’ll vastly improve your skill, technique, knowledge and confidence!

If you want to take your skiing to the next level the Boomerang on Snow (BOS) Carv Ski Improvement Program is for you. This course is rammed with coaching aimed at improving your skiing to finally conquer that black slope and much more.

At BOS we believe learning in a group environment enhances the training delivered by our qualified coaches. And learning as a collective is far more efficient and more fun which helps you to improve faster.

We also believe in data driven teaching so we aim to enhance our guests’ experience by incorporating Carv technology into our coaching. Carv is the world’s most advanced ski wearable. It’s packed with 36 pressure sensors and a motion sensor that are built it to withstand hard days of skiing.

Why Romania?

Poiana Brasov is the largest and best ski area in Romania and has had tens of millions of Euros spent on it in recent years. With 24.5 km of marked slopes located from 941 up to 1,783 metres there is plenty of vertical to play in and varied terrain to explore.

Poiana Brasov is close to some major tourist attractions such as Dracula\’s Castle which is 23km away. Even closer the Rasnov Fortress is only 12km away and the medieval city of Brasov just a 14km drive. All are well worth a visit.

Ski Improvement Program

The key to success is high level personalised coaching in groups of no more than five participants. You\’ll get 20 hours of on snow instruction over 4 days. In helmet communication, two face to face video analysis sessions, daily individual written feedback and written drill explanations every day.

The coaching continues beyond your visit with two post program online video analysis sessions. Just send us a video of you skiing and we will provide feedback and coaching tips. This will ensure your progress continues throughout the season. Plus you will also have access to Carv for two years after the program!

But that is not all! This improver package includes a five day ski pass in Poiana Brasov. We will take you out for welcome laps to help you get to know the ski area and welcome drinks so you get to know the crew!

At the end of your skiing course in Poiana Brasov we have a farewell dinner. This is a celebration of all that you have achieved during the Carv Ski Improvement Program in Poiana Brasov, Romania.

Skiing with BOS can be the start of many adventures. Most clients ski with us year after year as we offer lessons and guiding in locations all over the world. As an existing customer you will get 10% off  additional programs that you book with us.

The Carv Ski Improvement Program in Poiana Brasov, Romania costs €990 per adult.

Price Includes

  • 20 hours on snow instruction
  • Carv insoles with a two year subscription
  • In helmet communication
  • Five-day ski pass in Poiana Brasov
  • Daily individual written feedback
  • Daily written drill explanation
  • Two face to face movement analysis sessions
  • Welcome laps
  • 10% off when booking additional programs with us
  • Extra two hours of Carv lessons post program
  • Two post program online video analysis sessions
  • Program limit of five participants

Price Excludes

  1. Ski equipment
  2. Accommodation (contact us for advice and the best deals)
  3. Flights
  4. Insurance

What to expect

The Carv Ski Improvement Program in Poiana Brasov, Romania is designed to deliver long lasting improvements to the skiing for all of our guests. The weeklong coaching is not a singular training event, but an ongoing structured ski development opportunity combing data from Carv with personal coaching.

This is achieved through quality on snow training and exploring improvement opportunities through data, online video movement analysis sessions, individual daily feedback and access to a comprehensive list of drills we performed during the week on the snow.

Furthermore, two technical skiing movement analysis sessions, during the second and fourth days, offer powerful visual benefits and complement your training. And every participant can access two online movement analysis sessions once you return home.

This skiing course in Poiana Brasov begins on Monday morning at nine. During the afternoons you will have time off to take up other activities, ski with your friends and family or just relax.

On the Sunday before the course begins, your coach will take you to fit the skis and boots. Our in-resort partners R&J Ski School and Rental provide plenty of choice. Afterwards we'll go for a few laps to get you acquainted with the ski area and for us to assess see your skiing so we can prepare appropriate drills for Monday.

If you bring your own gear you should join us on the mountain for a few warmup runs in the afternoon. Our skilled technicians will check your equipment to ensure it is in good working order. This is a great opportunity to have your boots checked and adjusted by professional boot fitters.

Whether you hire or bring your own gear, having skis and boots in good working order and ready to hit the slopes allows us quality time on the slopes with minimal disruption. At the end of each day the rental gear will be returned to the rental centre, for storage and drying.

The program follows a logical progression. Over four days you will improve on specific skiing skills: stance, rotation, edging, and pressure. We blend the time on snow between drills and free skiing all to significantly improve your ability and have fun.

On the final day of tuition (day 4) we’ll have a farewell dinner together as a group. The last day in Poiana Brasov is free for you to ski on your own without instructors. You can spend plenty of time practicing all that you have learned.

The Carv Ski Improvement Program in Poiana Brasov, Romania is created to take your skiing to the next level in a fun, social environment. You'll learn how to overcome technical and psychological barriers and end the week a far more competent and confident skier.


Carv Ski Improvement Program in Poiana Brasov, Romania: From €1,199 to €1,199 for 5 days

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€1,199 to €1,199 5 days
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