Carv ski camp in Romania: Improver skiing course in Poiana Brasov

Join this Carv ski camp in Romania in the Carpathian Mountains to quickly improve your skills on this Improver skiing course in Poiana Brasov.

3 days
€249 to 2,490

Can you already ski but have never really nailed it? Then invest a week of your time on a Boomerang On Snow (BOS) Carv ski camp in Romania and you\’ll leave with the skills, technique, knowledge and confidence to ramp your skiing up a few levels.

The Improver skiing course in Poiana Brasov by BOS is rammed with coaching. The goal is to vastly improve your skiing so you can conquer black slopes and so much more. This is best done as part of a group where you\’ll all push each other to learn at a faster rate.

We strongly believe in data driven coaching and we aim to enhance our guests’ experience by incorporating technology in our teaching. Carv is the world’s most advanced ski wearable. It’s packed with 36 pressure sensors and a motion sensor into each insert and built it to withstand hard days of skiing.

Why Romania?

With 24.5 km of marked slopes Poiana Brasov is the largest and best ski area in Romania. The resort has had tens of millions of Euros spent on it, and with slopes located from 1,783 down to 941 metres there is plenty of varied terrain to enjoy.

Poiana Brasov is near to major tourist attractions such as Dracula\’s Castle which is 23km away. Just 12 and 14 km away respectively, the Rasnov Fortress and the medieval city of Brasov are also well worth a visit. Plus Romania is a cheap country to visit so you can improve your skiing without breaking the bank.

Improver skiing course in Poiana Brasov

The key to BOS Improvement Camps is personal highly skilled coaching in small groups of no more than three. Over three days we\’ll cram in 6 hours of on snow instruction. We will use in helmet communication to ensure the learning is as focussed and personal as possible.

This course also includes two post camp online video analysis sessions. This means you can send a video of you skiing at another resort and BOS will analyse and give you feedback as a continuation of the coaching.

We\’ll provide two days Carv rental during this Carv ski camp in Romania. We will also help you set it up correctly to ensure you make the most out of your time!

The Carv ski improvement camp costs €290 per adult.

Price Includes

  • Six hours on snow instruction
  • In helmet communication
  • One-hour Carv setup and introduction
  • Two full days Carv unit rental
  • Two post program online video analysis session
  • Program limit of four participants
  • Carv unit rental

Price Excludes

  1. Ski equipment
  2. Accommodation (contact us for advice and the best deals)
  3. Lift Pass
  4. Flights
  5. Insurance

What to expect

The goal of the Carv ski camp in Romania is provide long lasting improvements to all of our guests skiing. The coaching is not a singular training event, but an ongoing structured development opportunity with targeted and personal on snow training.

Technology has become crucial in many sports. Coaches use athletes’s data to unlock the best channel for their development. Data analytics play a major role in creating winning strategies for the top teams. Sports such as football, cycling, and athletics all use data to develop their athlete’s abilities. Now with Carv, skiing is moving in that direction too.

Over three days the instruction follows a coherent progression helped by Carv. We'll focus on specific skiing skills: stance, rotation, edging, and pressure. Instruction is split between drills and free skiing, all to keep it fun and help you improve.

The Carv ski camp in Romania by BOS is all about taking your skiing to the next level. It is fun, social and you'll learn how to overcome technical and psychological barriers to your skiing. After three days you'll be a more confident and competent skier.


Carv ski camp in Romania: Improver skiing course in Poiana Brasov: From €249 to €2,490 for 3 days

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€249 to €2,490 3 days
From €249

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