Beginner kitesurfing course in Safaga: Egypt kitesurf lessons

Beginner kitesurfing course in Safaga with a private instructor. All equipment incl. Egypt kitesurf lessons guaranteed to get you riding after 3 days.

4 days
€400 to 400
Africa, Egypt, Red Sea, Safaga
Beginner kitesurfing course in Safaga: Egypt kitesurf lessons

Learning kitesurfing is easier then you think – with just 3 days lessons and a 4th day of free practice under our supervision. After our beginner kitesurfing course in Safaga you will be able to ride and kitesurf independently.

We have been teaching 100s of students in Egypt, in different location, and we have a good deal of experience when it comes to kitesurfing. Progression is guaranteed, all we ask from you is enthusiasm and a good attitude – everyone learns, all we need is 3 days of your holidays and we guarantee you will be riding at the end of the 3rd day, or we will give you an extra day lesson 100% for free.

All equipment is included, kite, harness, board, and a wetsuit if needed. The lessons are private – this means you will have your own instructor to maximize the time spent in the water flying a kite. Most kite schools pack students together to make cheaper courses. We don’t, and we don’t train you with a clock either – Our Egypt kitesurf lessons continue until you are ready!

Price Includes

  • All kitesurfing Equipment we may need

Price Excludes

  1. Transfers to the spot (sometimes can be arranged free of charge, depending on your location)

What to expect

Plan for beginner kitesurfing course in Safaga

Day 0 - if you have time, we will meet for a coffee and to talk about the plan for the next days, including the wind forecast and the plan for the week. It could be not windy every day, so we need to figure out which day to meet.

Day 1 - we meet at the kite school or we pick you up, and we get started right away with wind theory and kite practice. We will learn how to fly a kite and how to do it in a safe way. We will keep on practicing till we are happy on how you fly it.

Day 2 - we will continue flying the kite and we will add more and more difficulties and exercises. By the end of day 2, you will start handling the board and learn how to control and handle your kite and your board before kitesurfing.

Day 3 - it is board day! We will explain you how to kitesurf for a few meters, and add more and more meters to your riding. Do not expect to ride immediately, kitesurfing takes time and patience. By the end of day 3, you are independent in the water, riding at least 50 meters in both direction without falling.

Day 4 - Your Egypt kitesurf lessons will continue if you need it. If not you can practice with our equipment at our kite school, under our supervision of course, but alone in the water.


Beginner kitesurfing course in Safaga: Egypt kitesurf lessons: From €400 to €400 for 4 days

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€400 to €400 4 days
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