Beginner kitesurf course in Barcelona: Spain kitesurfing lessons

The perfect beginner kitesurf course in Barcelona for those new to the sport. These Spain kitesurfing lessons in Castelldefels beach will get you up and riding

4 hours
€100 to 200
Beginner kitesurf course in Barcelona: Spain kitesurfing lessons

There is a natural mystic blowing through the air…

This is the perfect beginner kitesurf course in Barcelona for those who have no experience yet. It’s split in two parts; the first block will be spent on the beach and is aimed at gaining basic kite control; in the second block we continue with exercises in the water. The course is full of action and real practice. As we believe you learn by experience and having fun, we limit the theory to a minimum!

These Spain kitesurfing lessons will take place in Castelldefels, the best kitebeach of Barcelona. Its a very long and wide beach with lots of space, so very good for beginners. Also the water is very safe as there are no currents or rocks. Flying a kite for the first time is a special feeling, a feeling of freedom, something you will never forget!

Price Includes

  • All the kite gear and wetsuit
  • Instructor
  • Access to club with showers
  • Lunch break

Price Excludes

  1. Transport to and from the kiteschool. Its easy to come by train or car.

What to expect

Plan for beginner kitesurf course in Barcelona:

1.1 Hello kite!
Basic kite control, how to setup a kite & safety. The first hour is aimed at teaching you a basic understanding of the kite and how to use it safely. We will start with flying a small kite, to teach you basic steering skills. This is followed by an explanation and practise of setting up the kite and bar.

1.2 Hello power!
In the second hour we will cover everything about wind directions and the wind-window. Fly a bigger kite, start first relaunch exercises and get comfortable with the power of the kite! For this you do not need to be trained or strong, the more relaxed you hold the bar the easier it is!

2.1 Hello water!
In the second part of the Spain kitesurfing lessons we will go into the water without the board, using the power of the kite to go body surfing through the water like superman. Great fun! Relax your body, focus on the kite control and create power by moving the kite. We will also practice the kite relaunch; this is how to get the kite out of the water when it falls, which will make you more independent.

2.2 Hello board!
We will do an introduction of the board in which the instructor will do a demo so you know what to expect in the next course. Putting the board on your feet, making the first waterstart and learning how to ride.


Beginner kitesurf course in Barcelona: Spain kitesurfing lessons: From €100 to €200 for 4 hours

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€100 to €200 4 hours
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