Become a Wing Foil Wizard: Wing Foiling Course in Vietnam

Experience the vibe of one of Asia's windiest destinations on this wing foiling course in Vietnam. Become a wing foil wizard!

12 hours
$600 to 600
Become a Wing Foil Wizard: Wing Foiling Course in Vietnam

Become a wing foil wizard: Wing foiling course in Vietnam.

Come and experience the vibe of one of Asia’s windiest destinations – Mui Ne, Vietnam. With super consistent wind, awesome beaches, cheap beer, tasty food, buzzing nightlife and great sunshine, Mui Ne is the premier destination for those in search of of some windy winter sun. Relax in the paradise surroundings of your tropical bungalow, and wake up to the sound of the sea. Hit the water with the crew at Source and ride till sunset….rinse and repeat = the perfect wingfoil holiday 😉

Our school is kitted out with the latest NorthKB range of kites, wings and boards, meaning that our students and riders are supplied with the best equipment on the market. We really believe in giving our students the best opportunities to progress, and this comes from using the best gear possible and choosing the best instructors possible, We’ve taken the hassle out of the search, and provide you with both! Our lessons are typically conducted on a private basis, with 1 on 1 tuition for all students, regardless of level.

Price Includes

  • 12h wing instruction (private)

Price Excludes

  1. Additional services

What to expect

Become a Wing Foil Wizard: Wing Foiling Course in Vietnam. More information.

Get to grips with wingfoiling with a full package of 12 hours ( 6 x 2h lessons). This pack is will take you from zero to hero! Start with the wing control lesson on the beach, and progress to the water with our experienced and professional instructors. We teach with only the best equipment from North Kiteboarding and Mystic, meaning you don't waste time with low quality gear and you progress faster and safer. Then you can expect to practice your new skills, and become a wing foil wizard!

Our top team of international IKO instructors will take you where you want to go on your kitesurfing or wingfoil journey. They have many years of experience teaching and kiting/winging, and are super well equipped to answer your questions, ease your worries and ensure that you have the ride of your life here at Source Kiteboarding.


Become a Wing Foil Wizard: Wing Foiling Course in Vietnam: From $600 to $600 for 12 hours

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$600 to $600 12 hours
From $600

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