5 to 12 year olds ski lessons in France: Kids skiing course

This 15 to 12 year olds ski lessons in France will get your children improving. A kids skiing course in France make all the difference for this age range


Children learn in many different ways. With esf, every child is encouraged to learn to ski at their own pace whilst having fun in friendly groups. Our established team allow each group to grow in confidence and respect the mountains. 

Choose from many activities: Your child can enjoy learning and improving in skiing, snowboarding, freestyle, Nordic or competition training. esf loves teaching the many diverse array of disciplines.

From beginner level to competition level, esf offer qualified tuition from professional instructors who will be able to guide and help any child to enjoy the pleasures of mountain sport.

During the kids skiing course in France it is all about mastering that technique. Whether a child is confident on skis or not, our esf teams have the skills to build confidence in a child for them to enjoy and improve.

Over time and in complete safety your child will perfect their techniques without the pressure to do so. Naturally, children want to push themselves in many ways. Our esf team respects this and will grow your child’s expectations on all levels during this 5 to 12 year olds ski lessons in France.

Price Includes

  • Tuition

Price Excludes

  1. Equipment
  2. Lunch

What to expect

Group 5 to 12 year olds ski lessons in France not only help with the techniques of skiing but also allow your child to interact with other young skiers and create new friendships.

The collaborative spirit that shines from our esf group lessons helps each child with the challenges of learning to ski. The concentration and awkwardness of skiing in the early stages are masked by the element of fun that our esf instructors bring to each group. For a fully personalised supervision, private lessons are of course possible.

We have kids skiing courses in France to cover all requests. With esf, it's up to you!

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5 to 12 year olds ski lessons in France: Kids skiing course: From €33 to €110 for 1 days

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€33 to €110 1 days
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