4D/3N Malaysia PADI Open Water diving course on Tioman Island

Become a certified scuba diver on the 4D/3N Malaysia PADI Open Water diving course on Tioman Island! Includes accommodation, scuba gear, theory and instruction.

Scuba Diving
4 days
RM1,610 to 2,500

The PADI Open Water Course takes some 4 days to complete and we start courses literally every other day with small group sizes (average of 2 to 4 students). You start to learn diving in our swimming pool before venturing into the ocean.

The Malaysia PADI Open Water diving course on Tioman Island includes 5 confined water modules where you learn the basic scuba diving skills, 4 open water dives where you demonstrate that you can perform those skills yourself, plus 5 theory sessions where you’ll watch videos, independently study the student manual and some homework which we call knowledge reviews. There are also 4 quizzes (multiple-choice) to be completed to test your knowledge, so we are able to give you additional information and prepare you for the final exam (50 questions, multiple-choice).

During the early stages of the course, you’ll be diving in our swimming pool followed by shallow water dives from shore. However, on the last day of the course we will take you out by boat for your final two open water dives. We will visit a dive location in the vicinity of Coral Island, famous for its marine life and beauty. On this day we will provide you with lunch and refreshments and you will dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters.

The duration of the training day will depend on your preference. We normally start at 09.00am, watch some videos, do some theory, go twice into the water for training and are finished between 4pm and 6pm with a good hour lunch break in between. On your own leisure time you can complete the self study (“homework”) in the manual.

Course prerequisites:
You must know how to swim (there will be a 200m swim test or a 300m snorkelling test)
You must know how to float (there will be a 10minute float test)
You need to be able to answer all questions in the PADI Medical Statement with NO

Price Includes

  • 3 nights accommodation (package price depends on the room you choose)
  • PADI Open Water course
  • PADI course manual (online eLearning in many languages available)
  • Dive equipment rental
  • Instructor & PADI fees
  • Breakfast

Price Excludes

  1. Marine park fee (around MYR 30.00/person/trip)
  2. Ferry tickets (around MYR 120.00/person/return)

What to expect

Spend 3 nights with us on Tioman and become a certified diver! You can of course extend your stay and conduct more dives (extra charges apply).

A typical Malaysia PADI Open Water diving course on Tioman Island itinerary could look like this:

DAY 1:
• Arrival with a morning ferry
• Introduction and paperwork
• Watching Video 1, Discussing Knowledge Review 1
• Equipment Explanation
• 1 pool session (e.g. Confined Water Modules 1 and part of 2)
• Watching Video 2

DAY 2:
• 09:00am – Watching Video 3, Discussing Knowledge Reviews 2 & 3, Quizzes 1 & 2
• 11:00am – 1 pool session or shore dive (e.g. Confined Water Modules 2 and 3)
• 12:30pm – Lunch Break
• 1:30pm – 1 shore dive (e.g. Open Water Dive 1
• 4:30pm – Watching Video 4 & 5

DAY 3:
• 09:00am – Discussing Knowledge Review 3, Quiz 3
• 10:30am – 1 shore dive (e.g. Confined Water Modules 4 & 5)
• 12:00pm – Lunch Break
• 1:00pm – 1 shore dive (e.g. Open Water Dive 2)
• 3:00pm – Discussing Knowledge Review 4 & 5, RDP Explanation, Quiz 4
• 5:00pm – Final Exam

DAY 4:
• 08:30am – Meeting at the dive centre
• 09:00am – Departure by boat to the dive sites
• 09:30am – 1 boat dive (Open Water Dive 3)
• 11:00am – 1 boat dive (Open Water Dive 4)
• 12:30pm – Return to dive centre, Certification
• 2:30pm – Departure (or extend your stay)


4D/3N Malaysia PADI Open Water diving course on Tioman Island: From RM1,610 to RM2,500 for 4 days

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RM1,610 to RM2,500 4 days
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