4-Day Kitesurfing Beginner Course in Hurghada, Egypt

Join our Kitesurfing Beginner Course in Hurghada, Egypt. We provide a very good service, new equipment, professional instructors, and a helpful team.

4 days
$480 to 660
4-Day Kitesurfing Beginner Course in Hurghada, Egypt

Learn how to Kitesurf with this 4-Day Beginner Course in Hurghada, Egypt

Kite boarding courses with our qualified iko instructor in one of the best spots in Hurghada, we are located at bellagio beach hotel and Jaz aquamarine hotel, we provide very good service , new equipment from doutone and fone kites mystic,professional instructors, helpful team, English, German, French, polish and Russian languages are available, transfer from any hotel is available, we have 2 spots with shallow water

Beginners course
Discovery level
SEA (Spot, Environment, Activity) assessment
Hold, carry, and secure a kite on land
Kite setup
Safety systems use
Pre-flight check
Launch and land as an assistant
First piloting and explore the wind window\’s edge
Let go of the bar
Twist and untwist the lines
Fly one-handed
Trim introduction
Walk while flying the kite
Launch and land as a pilot
Wind window theory
Inflight quick release activation
Self-land Equipment packin
Intermediate level
Enter and exit the water while controlling the kite Water relaunch
Body-drag with 2 hands, kite stable
Body-drag with power stroke
Body-drag upwind
Body-drag with the board
Self-rescue and pack down introduction
ROW (Right Of Way) rules introduction
Controlled stop
Independent level
Control of speed by edging
Ride upwind
Sliding transition
Ride toeside
Self-rescue and pack down in deep water

Price Includes

  • 1hourcourse with private instructors and iko certificate
  • 12 hours with private instructor and IKO certificate

Price Excludes

  1. Transfer

What to expect

4-Day Kitesurfing Beginner Course in Hurghada, Egypt: Itinerary

First day ( arrival day) we prefer that you relax
First day if you stay at Bellagio Hotel or Jaz aquamarine hotel we meet at the kite school directly on the beach of the hotels
If you stay in different hotels we check the forecast one day before and send you the pick up time than we meet at the kite school, day 1 :you start first lesson with your instructor, we do 1 sessions in the morning and second session in the afternoon
day 2 : we continue the second level
day 3: you start ride down wind and up wind
Day 4 : you continue till you be independent rider .
In case of no wind there’s many activities you do like stand up paddle, wakeboarding, snorkel, fishing , diving, safari in desert, you can enjoy visiting Hurghada city


4-Day Kitesurfing Beginner Course in Hurghada, Egypt: From $480 to $660 for 4 days

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$480 to $660 4 days
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