3 day Kremasti beginner kitesurfing course in Rhodes, Greece

Our 3 day Kremasti beginner kitesurfing course in Rhodes, Greece includes equipment and tuition so you go from beginner to intermediate rider in 3 days!

3 days
€150 to 360

First day consist of the theoretical part learning about the wind conditions, set up of equipment, safety regulations and launching and landing of a beginner kite.

Second day students continue on to body dragging where they enter into the waters with the instructor learning hoe to control a proper kite in the water without the use of the board.

Third day the students will be taken to a special beginners spot for more space and security where they will enter the water with the board practicing on he balance between controlling the kite and riding with the board.

The 3 day Kremasti beginner kitesurfing course in Rhodes, Greece take up to 3 students and one instructor of which each students has there own equipment ( included in the price ) and all the necessary safety equipment like helmet, lifejacket, wet suit (if needed) and water shoes .

Price Includes

  • Beach access
  • rescue
  • equipment

Price Excludes

  1. accommodation
  2. Private health insurance
  3. Food

What to expect

Step by step lessons starting from an absolute beginner guide of how the wind works, safety regulations regarding the sea and set up of equipment to riding on the Mediterranean sea independently in only 9 hours.

Our 3 day Kremasti beginner kitesurfing course in Rhodes, Greece is three hours per day so a total of 9 hours.

On the first day beginners in a group of max 3 people start with 30 -45 min theory and continue with how they set up and prepare all the kite gear they will be using. They continue with a trainer kite on the beach learning how to move the kite and the wind resistances that it has. Next step is launching and landing where the students learn how to maneuver the kite.

Second day of the course begins with a group body drag. The students enter the water with the instructor creating what we call a 'human snake' in which case the get the feeling of the kite. They continue for the rest of the day practicing control exercises individually with one kite each under the supervision of the instructor.

Third day of the course each individual after mastering the kite will enter the water with a full set of equipment appropriately chosen for the conditions an level they have. Waters tart is the last and most important part into entering the intermediate level.

Instructors will demonstrate the movement on standing on to the board and then one by one the students will enter the water with the help of the instructor and procced to standing on the board and riding into the sunset !


3 day Kremasti beginner kitesurfing course in Rhodes, Greece: From €150 to €360 for 3 days

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€150 to €360 3 days
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