2-Hour Kitesurfing Discovery Course in Djerba, Tunisia

Enjoy a 2-hour kitesurfing discovery course in Djerba, Tunisia. We will guide you step by step to your goal !!!

2 hours
€60 to 70

Want to master the elements and discover the amazing sport of kiteboarding? Join our 2-hour kitesurfing discovery course in Djerba, Tunisia

Your IKO Instructor will help introduce you to the sport and teach you various safety rules and skills on land before going into the water; The safety training will teach and show you how to assess the wind and physical location, as well as show you how to properly manage the equipment; set-up; and control the trainer kite.

Our instructors will help you to be comfortable with this new adventure and let you become independent kitesurfer.

The KiteAventure spot will become your new home. Surrounded by amazing people, they great vibe, ideal wind and beautiful lagoon.

Our lagoon is spreading for a few km with an easy acsses to the open sea where you can also ride the waves!

The adventure is waiting just here!

Price Includes

  • Assurance
  • Transport
  • Boat rescue
  • 2 hours lesson
  • IKO certification
  • All kitesurfing equipment

Price Excludes

  1. Food
  2. Sun cream and glass

What to expect

2-Hour Kitesurfing Discovery Course in Djerba, Tunisia: More details

Discover how to "master the wind power"

Level 1A :
-SEA (Spot, Environment, Activity) assessment
-Hold, carry, and secure a kite on land
Kite setup

Level 1B :
-Safety systems use
-Pre-flight check
-Launch and land as an assistant

Level 1C :
-First piloting and explore the wind window's edge
-Let go of the bar
-Twist and untwist the lines

Level 1D :
-Fly one-handed
-Trim introduction
-Walk while flying the kite
-Launch and land as a pilot
-Wind window theory

Level 1E :
-Inflight quick release activation
-Equipment packing

The group lessons are in maximum 2 people group with a qualified instructor.
The course include complete equipment, helmet, life-jacket, wetsuit (if needed), harnes and transport included.


2-Hour Kitesurfing Discovery Course in Djerba, Tunisia: From €60 to €70 for 2 hours

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€60 to €70 2 hours
From €60

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