2-hour Group Surf Lessons in Sintra, Portugal

Group surf lessons in Sintra, Portugal, last 2 hours, for up to 5 students. Suitable for different skill levels.

2 hours
€35 to 35

Learn to surf or improve your surfing skills on this 2-hour group surf lessons in Sintra, Portugal!

During the summer, group surf lessons take place daily, at least twice a day, at flexible times depending on sea and tidal conditions.

Outside the summer season, classes take place once a day on weekdays and weekends, with schedules adjusted according to sea conditions and class level.

Each class lasts 2 hours and is taught by a teacher for each group of 5 students, with special attention to different skill levels. All necessary equipment is properly sanitized and is included in the class.
The groups are divided by ages and levels and it’s suitable for all range of ages since 5 years old to 70.

Price Includes

  • All necessary equipment

Price Excludes

  1. Food & snacks

What to expect

These group surf lessons in Sintra, Portugal are shared with other students and last for 2 hours, with 1 instructor for every 5 students, ensuring special attention to the different levels within each group.

The structure of the classes will be as follows:

Training: A brief introduction to the individual/student surfer, followed by setting one or more goals for the class based on their intentions and expectations. On the beach, after a warm-up, technical work will be done to meet the established goals.

Surfing: After a brief introduction to the beach's characteristics and surf conditions, safety rules, and the defined objectives, it's time to hit the water.

Knowledge/Safety: Learn how to use and apply all the information provided by the instructor, aiming to improve technique as much as possible and achieve short-term results. Learn to respect the ocean and its environment in a conscious and enjoyable way.


2-hour Group Surf Lessons in Sintra, Portugal: From €35 to €35 for 2 hours

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€35 to €35 2 hours
From €35

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