13 to 17 years olds skiing course: Teens ski lessons in France

This 13 to 17 years olds skiing course in France will get your children improving. Specific teens ski lessons in France make all the difference for this age range


When you or your child reach those teenage years, everything is worth exploring. At esf we offer the best Teens ski lessons in France and lesson plans in all disciplines and activities from general skiing to freestyle skiing or even competitive racing.

With our esf instructors, you have experts in their field ready to help. Everything about skiing or snowboarding is within the knowledge of our team, so anything is possible. We will help you decide on the right discipline and then offer the best in either group or private lessons.

Can you help refine my style?
Working on your technique as a teenager is certainly something we at esf can help you with. Learn and improve at your own pace under the watchful eye of our experts.

With esf your energy and confidence will grow every time you take to the slopes. In either a group format or smaller private group, the aim of improving and pushing your boundaries is our goal too. Our teams will help with your style on the flat and turns and twists in the air.
Let’s have some fun?

Price Includes

  • Tuition

Price Excludes

  1. Equipment
  2. Lunch

What to expect

Follow the pathway of champions!

If you or your teenager has reached a level where the next step needs to be challenging, then our competitive courses are for you.

Our competition course allows you to experience the training ski racers endure when practicing for major events. Everything from the techniques required to go round the slalom gates to the improvements in streamlining your body position for extra speed.

This 13 to 17 years olds skiing course allows you to challenge the clock, pass the esf tests and boost your Ski Open ranking.

Are you ready to push your limits?


13 to 17 years olds skiing course: Teens ski lessons in France: From €33 to €110 for 1 days

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€33 to €110 1 days
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