Xplorer UltraFlight

Enjoy tandem Powered Paragliding and Paramotor flights in Cape Town, South Africa with Xplorer UltraFlight for the best view of Table Mountain and much more


Come experience the amazing views of Table Bay from the air. Views from Table Mountain, all the way up the West Coast. Fly along the coastline from Table view beachfront.

Experience some high flight (1000ft+ ) and some low flying between the dunes. Options of 20 or 40 minutes actual flight time (allow an extra 20 minutes preparation and pre-flight briefing). In-flight photos and/or video are available.

No experience required. Fly as a tandem passenger. Your pilot has 30+ years experience. You need to wear: Sturdy lace-up shoes or boots (no sandals), a long-sleeve jacket for sun and wind protection, preferably long trousers but shorts are OK in Summer (no skirts or dresses for the ladies), and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the constant 45kph airflow.

Best seasons are Autumn, Winter and Spring (with occasional Summer days being flyable). Best weather for a smooth flight is with the winds coming off the sea (North-west, West or South-West), and some high level clouds (note: Blue-skies summer-days are not usually suitable due to the South Easter winds.

Book early to avoid disappointment.


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