WorldwideXplorer provides custom exotic tours. We have made thousands of travel dreams come true since our start in 2012!


Hi! I’m Marisa Meisters and I am a travel addict. I had the idea to start WorldwideXplorer in 2012, building upon what I had experienced through my travels and improving the quality of service in ways that make WorldwideXplorer unique from other companies. I’m able to do this because I know the people I work with in the field in each location where I run WorldwideXplorer tours. In  locations where I work with other service providers, I thoroughly research information to ensure that top notch quality is maintained throughout.

Vacation Planning  is truly our bread and butter and where we started. We have professional guides and connections around the world, whether planning a tour in Yellowstone National Park, or elsewhere in the world. You are assured that when you book a vacation with us, we are sending you with our team of trusted local experts!

I will learn all about your upcoming travel plans and how I can best serve you. After a call, I will come up with an itinerary including all activities, airfare, accommodations, etc. I will work with you to narrow everything down until you are completely satisfied with the itinerary. Then I will make all bookings for you.

Since I am an independent travel planner, I am not affiliated with any other company, resorts, hotels, cruises, etc. You can trust that I will only create itineraries that I believe you will love.


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