Wild About Lapland

Wild About Lapland is a lead company that provides high-quality tours and experiences to travellers and small groups in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland.


Our main goal at Wild About Lapland is to provide tours that allow all individuals to experience exactly what they wish for, whether it be to experience the Northern Lights, learn how to ice fish, take a reindeer ride, meet Santa or simply explore the Taiga forests. We avoid mass tourism, allowing a maximum of 8 people per tour. This allows us to have a closer relation to our guests and experience the silence of the real Lapland nature. We are passionate about sharing our lifestyle and it is what we do best.

Wild About Lapland guides not only have years of experience but they are passionate about sharing it with others. Our professional guides have a strong understanding of the impact we are having on this wonderful world of ours and love to share some of the ways we can help and be kinder to our surroundings. We are committed to a sustainable leading of our business. We try constantly to improve our work to ensure ecological, economical and social sustainability.

Choosing a responsible tour operator gives you the possibility to not only do something good for our planet, but also get a higher quality and a more enjoyable experience.


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