Voyair PTY Travel

Voyair PTY Travel is a local travel provider in Panama specializing in Sustainable tourism promoting outdoor activities.


Voyair PTY Travel is a small but reliable local travel provider in Panama: we offer a wide range of activities focus in promoting responsible and sustainable tourism. Our commitment is to provide unique travel experiences at a great value.
Our team is formed by young but highly talented and experienced people. Our guides love their jobs and they are very proud about showing the wonders of Panama to visitors. Local indigenous people are part as well of our guiding and operational team. We know in Panama some of the best kept secrets; we are passionate about adventure sports.

Panama is above all known due to its canal, probably one of the most impressive engineering work in the world; nevertheless, the city is also fascinating due to its historical past,ethnographic wealth and extraordinary biodiversity. The Capital of the Republic of Panama is the most cosmopolitan and modern city of the region; is both a vibrant metropolis and a gateway to tropical escapes. A crossway which connects east and west, it is a hub of trade and immigration. The resulting cultural cocktail forges a refreshing attitude.


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