Valiant Safaris

Valiant Safaris is a Ugandan registered tour operator, organizing Tailor-Made Adventure experiences to Uganda and East Africa.


Valiant Safaris is a registered brand of Valiant Group Limited, registered in Uganda. We are a local Ugandan DMC, a tour operator committed to organizing Tailor-Made Adventures to the Pearl of Africa and the neighbouring countries, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo DRC and to Tanzania as well as Kenya.

Our team possesses a long time experience of planning and executing successful safari experiences, we understand every bit of your travel and pay attention to every detail that will make your Holiday a memorable one.
Tailor-made adventures for all including the handicapped, children as-well-as the aged; Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzee Tracking, Mountain hiking white-water adventures, Game Safaris, Fishing Safaris, Birding experiences, Cultural encounters, Lion Tracking experiences and Agri-tours (coffee, Tea, Vanilla, Honey, winery), that suit your specific interests.

Why chose Valiant Safaris
We are locally experienced and know every bit required in making your holiday a successful one, our understanding and strong relationship with the service providers make your experience from the roads that we travel on to the lodges and camps were you stay, is a great benefit and value to enjoy.
Professionalism, we handle the whole safari experience with high level of professionalism, right from the phone call you make, an email sent, to when you complete your travel, we timely answer with utmost professionalism. You can easily access our expert staff by phone, mail, Skype or social media and any queries will be timely responded to.

We are highly equipped to be labelled among the leading safari companies and small enough to take care of every need of every client. Our small size gives us an advantage of attending to individual needs, unique desires of every client, we pay attention to every detail.

Our professional services are personalized, we help you chose the best safari experience that suits your needs, we give the advice you need at the right time, the best time to travel the best places to visit and the budget that suits you plan. We are in charge of the whole process to making your holiday a memorable experience and we keep in touch, we are always there whenever you need us.

Our guides have the best guiding skills, equipped and passionate about Uganda and nature at large. The guiding skills of our guides are unmatched; you will enjoy every bit of your travel right from the time you arrive Uganda till departure. Great driving plus wildlife tracking skills and care to the passenger and nature, at Valiant safaris we put safety and satisfaction of our passengers first.

We offer nature interpretations in your favourite language, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese or Chinese, mention it and we shall get you a guide that shall interpret the nature in your favourite language.

Competitive pricing is a great tool in our package mix, our budget camping safaris to luxury lodging safaris offer a wide range of experience that will suit your desired budget. We a good negotiating power and relationship with our service providers in all our destinations, you deal directly with us no middle man would lead to hiking of the prices.

The whole team at Valiant Safaris is enthusiastic about Uganda’s Culture and the people and this will offer you an utmost welcome and hospitality making your holiday in Uganda and all countries where we operate an unforgettable experience.

We love nature and we are commitment to conserving and protecting the natural resource of the Pearl of Africa, low impact tourism is our practice and we responsibly and sustainably utilize the resources hence protecting nature and promoting tourism in our country.


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