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Twinning Safaris deals in organizing tailor made safaris within the East African region based in Nairobi . Our unique charm l


Join us at Twining Safaris. East Africa is arguably one of the best holiday destinations in the world it has it all home to the big five. From the snow-capped Mount Kenya to the untouched wild of the Maasai Mara, coupled with the rich culture of the coastal regions. This is a region that has the friendliest people who are always willing to share their lives and culture with you.

looking for a safari experience of a lifetime there is no other better destination than East Africa where there is rhythmic co-existence with nature.

Safari Styles

(i)Twining Classics:

Twining classics helps one to strip life of its 21 century complexities and encourages re-thinking you priorities. It involves a well planned and synchronized safari through the wildest, untouched parts of East Africa, that enriches you with a new and radically different cultural experiences. Our professional safari guides will help you discover the best of East Africa. The safari involves staying in small intimate private lodges and tented camps away from the congested safari trails.

(ii)Twining Canvas Adventure:

The Canvas adventure involves setting up of mobile tents in the wild, but off the beaten truck. You can explore the secret plains, mountains and rivers of this region with the help of an accredited safari guide.

excitement, adrenalin, anticipation, silence, awe, wonder – the lion is on the hunt control, cunning,precision – he makes his kill

(iii) Africa Peaks

Mount Kenya-

An absolute 8th wonder of the world!!!!! Form the uniquely snow peaks….Mt climbing has never been better…the flora and fauna is exceptionally amazing.

Mount Kilimanjaro –

The highest mountain in Africa, a jewel to behold that can make your heart skip a bit for its grandeur

(iv) Coast to Coast.

Experience sunshine, warm ocean breezes. Places where the only thing between you and the ocean is a billion grains of sun-drenched sand. Where the earthy scents of the lush tropical gardens gently pervade your daydreams. Somewhere away from the every day where tensions simply melt away. Indulge in diverse activities: Dhow trips , water skiing, wind surfing, snorkeling, line fishing…….


A taste of honey, a place to disappear in and restore your soul. Full of Swahili culture, miles of deserted beaches with soft white sand, the sensual sound of waves lapping the shores.

Zanzibar :

Apart from the endless beaches, the only rule here is to relax and enjoy………..the theme being informal barefoot luxury – beach wear and a “Kikoi” (colorful local wear) are all you need.


un-ending coast line where the Ocean seems to meet with the heavens! mind-blowing re-sounding blue


Hosts one of the best marine parks in Kenya. An absolute eye opener that there exists extensive life underwater.


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