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Turquoise Surf Travel is a specialist agency offering surfing worldwide. We know what we’re talking about because we’re well travelled and experienced surfers


Turquoise Surf Travel: Surf trips, surfaris, boat trips, sharing tips, info on all the waves of your favorite destinations. Whatever your experience, you still have plenty of exotic waves and ways to discover them: you can choose to board a cruise ship, Head to the Maldives for a Surfari with a handful of friends to discover perfect waves in front of the window of your cabin.

You may prefer to lie in the hammock of a Surf camp, or the deckchair of a “Resort”, facing your favorite wave or stay at the inhabitant in contact with the culture of the Country. As you can see from the turquoise surf travel page, I don’t work with many partners on the same destination. I’m loyal to my partners.

I would rather work with a partner than have several partners on the same area as for example in Tamraght or more than 100 surf camps have been installed for several years. I prefer to work with the first surf camp to have settled in this village, Dynamic Loisirs.

Over the years, we have also become specialists in the Maldives. I have more than 50 trips to the Maldives because we also accompany some of our groups. This is our added value. We also make sure to find incredible places, out of the beaten integers and even if difficult to access, we can send you there.

Take the example of this little gem located on the island of Asu off Nias. It is an island that is desired because it is really at the end of the world and yet once there, all the comfort is there for your surf trip to be incredible and Asu is a wave just crazy and with few people. Don’t search today for a spot where you can surf quietly without fighting at the peak.


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