Treks Himalaya

Treks Himalaya is an indoor and outdoor trekking operator based in Nepal.


Treks Himalaya is a trekking operator based in Nepal. We provide an excellent service as a result of our vast experience and youthful leaders. We always provide the most professional service for our preferred clients, which makes us a major Trekking Company in Nepal. We are a proprietor operator agency situated at the centre of Thamel in Kathmandu valley.

You will be delighted to discover an authentic Nepalese experience with us as we assist you to plan and prepare your journey. Come and explore the beautiful nature, culture, and religion of Nepal’s deep history including the wonderful local people and their beautiful traditions.

Treks Himalaya will ensure you leave Nepal a richer person full of memories who will return one day. It is wonderful to think of the endless possibilities in Nepal but in order to maximize the experience one needs to work with a reputable company to guide you through your journey…..


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