Top Yacht Sailing Ltd

Top Yacht Sailing Ltd offers yacht charter in stunning locations worldwide, either sail yourself or take a crew!


Since 1981, Top Yacht has specialised in top-quality yachts and impeccable service. Top Yacht Sailing is an independent British company, offering flexibility, friendliness and personal attention which cannot be matched by the large operators. Holidays are arranged through partnerships with high-quality companies worldwide. Whilst the fleets may differ, the standards are equally high. We treat our clients as individuals, and we take the time to listen to your needs to ensure you get the holiday you want. There’s no mass market hustle when you contact Top Yacht. We are financially sound, so when you book with us you can have confidence that your money is safe. Most of our clientele like to sail themselves (and have the relevant qualifications where appropriate), but we are offering an increasing number of charters to customers that want something a little more out of the ordinary, by providing a skipper, maybe a host/cook too. Imagine a lazy week or two, waking up in a different location every morning – unbeatable and often at very competitive pricing compared to traditional land-based accommodation.


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