The Fly Stop Shark Fishing Charters

The Fly Stop Shark Fishing Charters offer year-round fly fishing charters from San Diego in California, United States that are accessible for all levels of angler.


Various sharks live amongst the kelp and deep-water trenches off the San Diego coast. That’s where we’ve explored and found the best spots to take our clients year after year! The most sought-after species of our shark fishing charters are Mako, Blue and Thresher. Even Hammerheads can become part of the mix. Shark fly fishing is widely accessible and we offer shark fishing trips year-round.

San Diego’s best shark fishing typically spans the summer months—Mid-May through October— but can vary with the water temps. Mako sharks call San Diego home, 1 of 3 known spots in the world. For this reason, there are a ton of Mako Sharks between 40lb to 200lb off San Diego’s coastline, and occasionally get a lot bigger. Every year an absolute beast gets hooked upwards of 1000lb!

So why does that matter? It matters because our mako shark fishing charters have ready access for a big part of the year to one of the fastest, most aggressive and highest-jumping fish species known to man! If that is not enough, mako shark fishing charters are also a visual experience: Imagine watching a 300lb shark ferociously grab your fly 30 feet away. This is actually a very common scenario. And we will help you catch these awe-inspiring fish within just feet of the boat.

Rates are set by type of charter trip.

What The Fly Stop Shark Fishing Charters Provide
-23 foot Parker SE w/ 200 hp Yamaha 4-Stroke engine
-Cooler with plenty of ice and water
-Leader, tippet and flies

What You Will Need
-Fishing License
-Lunch or snacks
-Hat and polarized sunglasses (Amber or Brown Lens)
-Light rain jacket and pants
-Clothes for weather from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit
-Please no hard-black soled shoes


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