The 3 Amigos Adventures

the The 3 Amigos Adventures offer private vehicle based day tours, bicycle/scooter/motorcycle rentals and guided ATV and RZR tours in the Copper Canyon of Mexico.


The 3 Amigos Adventures located in the Magic Town of Creel, Chihuahua in the northern part of Mexico, within the beautiful Copper Canyon, offers private, historian guided day tours with optional deluxe picnic add-ons, as well as bicycle, scooter and motorcycle rentals for independent exploration. We also offer guided ATV and RZR tours by the hour and guided day or half day hikes around the Creel region.

The Copper Canyon region covers over 28,000 square miles and the Chepe train runs through a small section of this region. However, in order to get into the deeper canyons and see and do the most while you are here, you must get off the train line and this is where our immersive day tours come in.

Our day tours are logistically designed to give you an in-depth experience with a local, historian guide, while enjoying a sumptuous picnic with regional wines, in the canyons. You can choose from single-day tours that take you to different areas all over the Copper Canyon, or choose one of our multi-day tours that will take you further into the deeper canyons. We recommend a combination of both for best experience.

The 3 Amigos Adventures also offer complimentary concierge itinerary development for you so you are sure to get the best logistics for your trip. Just send us an email to let us know what your start and end dates are, along with answering a few more questions, and we’ll design a trip for you based on your activity level, interests and time frame, using the tours that you are most interested in, and that work best for your trip. We’ll lay it out logistically for you in a handy itinerary format so you can see clearly what is included (all our day tours, picnics and transfers) and what is recommended (hotels and train tickets). We even recommend which hotels to book in each destination within the Copper Canyon, for your best experience.


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