Surf Camp Sumatra

Surf Camp Sumatra offer a hand picked selection of the best camps & surf charter boats. Destinations include the Mentawai Islands, Krui, Telos, Nias and much more


Operating since 2007, Surf Camp Sumatra offers a hand picked selection of Sumatra’s best Surf Camps and Surf Charter Boats. Spread over 6 surf regions, guests can choose from destinations including the Mentawai Islands, Krui, Telos, Nias & the Hinako’s as well as Simeulue & the Banyak Islands to the north.

The Mentawai islands is a year round surf destination with the main surf season running from April-October. A Surf Camp Sumatra in the Mentawai’s is widely considered the “ultimate surf trip”, guests can expect a blend of excellent swell consistency, iridescent warm tropical water & light offshore winds, culminating in the type of waves you dream about.

Split into 4 surfing regions – the surf is found in 4 distinct areas including Playgrounds, North Sipora, South Sipora & Pagai. Playgrounds boasts the biggest surf region with more than 20 waves. North Sipora is usually the quietest region & has around 9 waves, mainly left handers. This region is also perfect for surfing couples. South Sipora has fewer waves, although with both HTs & Lances Left in close proximity – which are two of the regions best waves. Further south is the remote islands of North & South Pagai, where the world famous Macaronis left is found.

Krui in Southern Sumatra is split into 2 surfing areas with a total of around 12 excellent surf breaks. Many of the places to stay are found at Tanjung Setia, located about 30km south of Krui. Here you’ll find the area’s most popular wave, Ujung Bocur (also known as Karang Nyimbor). The area is best suited for intermediate and advanced surfers. Although the main surf season is April to October, it’s possible to score great waves all year.

The Telo Islands (aka Batu Islands) are located off the coast of West Sumatra & are divided into 2 surfing regions – both the North & the South areas are both home to around a dozen quality surf spots & offer some of the least crowded waves in Sumatra. Although best suited for intermediate & advanced surfers, the waves tend to be a little softer than some of the regions other surf regions & some waves are also beginner friendly.

Simeulue is a small island located in Aceh, Northern Sumatra. Although it might not offer quite the same amount of world class set-ups as some of the other regions, Surf Camp Sumatra offer it as it’s a year round destination that is perfect for intermediate surfers.

The Hinako Islands is a small cluster of islands off the coast of Nias, West Sumatra. The best surf season rund late April to early October and is best suited for experienced surfers.


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