South Devon Canoe Tours

South Devon canoe tours is run by local coaching company Fluidskills and is proud to provide canoe tours in South Devon around Totnes, Torquay and the River Dart.


South Devon canoe tours is run by local coaching company Fluidskills and is proud to welcome you to our tours in South Devon. Fluidskills is run by the highest qualified coaches and leaders in the UK.

Are you a beginner? Not a problem. Expert? Bring it on! We offer tours for all ages and expertise. Jump on in, because the water’s a great place to explore and have fun. This is a really refreshing, enjoyable way to get outdoors and do something different. The locations for this experience are truly stunning, and this is a day you’ll remember forever.
Service Description

Booking your 4 hour mini tour is easy with South Devon Canoe Tours. Simply browse through our dates and times options and pick whatever suits you best. This is also dependant on the tides. Don’t forget to book ahead, and make sure to follow all safety guidelines during your visit. Because of this we cannot take bookings for single people as the canoes need 2 or 3 people to paddle them.

What does a trip with South Devon Canoe Tours look like? This trip begins in the sheltered picturesque harbour of Totnes at steamer quay. Where we’ll have a chance to practice some basic canoeing skills before we venture out into Dart Estuary or travel up river depending on the tide times and the weather conditions, this will be briefed to you by are qualified guide that will make the best trip for you with the conditions.

Journeying on the river for an hour or so before pulling up for a drink and some sustenance (Bring your own picnic). ​ Depending on the stretch of water we will be paddling on we might have the pleasure of seeing seals and lots of wildlife, the locations in Devon also has kingfishers and lots of sea birds to spot on your adventure.


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