Slovenia Outdoor

Slovenia Outdoor is the biggest outdoor platform in Slovenia offering a wide range of activities and adventures throughout the country.


Slovenia Outdoor covers the whole Slovenia and most of the outdoor activities in the region, with members from agencies, guides, hotels, tourist farms, destinations, etc. We are specialist in arranging multi-day adventures, that do not happen in only one place, and may include many activities. We offer logistical support, storage, organisation, etc. throughout the whole country and, in some cases, in neighbouring countries as well.

Beside organising tours and adventures, we are also developing outdoor infrastructure (trails, standardisation of specialised outdoor accommodation, etc.), rules, etc. You will find our members marked with the signs of hikers or/and bikers. Like hotel stars, this signs show the level of support for outdoor activities, you can expect from certain hotel/camp/apartment/tourist farm.

Members of the team are avid outdoors fans, doing kayaking, climbing, trail running, mountaineering, all manners of skiing etc in their private time. We will be happy to help you experience Slovenia Outdoor.


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