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SkyNomad Paragliding is the oldest and biggest paragliding school in Bulgaria. A team composed of true professionals!

Bulgaria, Europe, Karlovo, Sopot,

Hey wanderer,

Come for a while to our oasis in the sky:
Here you’ll enjoy one of the best sites for mountain and flatland cross-country flying in Europe. The sunny and fresh climate of Bulgaria makes the thermals strong and the cloud-base high, but if you don’t know how to reach them you can join our paragliding training school or the guided tours for your hang-gliding or paragliding holiday.

Tandem flights, safety training, equipment, paragliding articles, aerial photos… but we have a lot more to offer – wisdom, beauty, friendship…

Skynomad Paragliding School is one of the biggest and oldest paragliding schools in Bulgaria. From beginners training and tandem flights to professional cross-country paragliding tours – our instructors are skilful and experienced and are ready to take you on an unforgettable journey in tho the heart of the paragliding world in Bulgaria. We are also dealers of some of the biggest brands of paragliding and flying equipment – such as Advance Paragliders, Naviter etc.

It’s all about flying, freedom and adventures!

SkyNomad Team


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