Skydive Sarasota LLC

Skydive Sarasota are a premium tandem skydiving center in Sarasota, Florida with a 100% safety record and great views over Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.


We have been fulfilling the bucket list dream of skydiving for over 20 years. We have a 100% safety record and have ex-military and ex-law enforcement staff. Our equipment is state of the art and brand new (all manufactured in 2020)!

Unlike other tandem skydiving centers, Skydive Sarasota create a personalized experience and make sure you are completely comfortable before you jump. With only 5 plane loads each day, we allow plenty of time for any questions you may have.

We also take time to walk you through the gear inspection so you can learn about the equipment that you are going to be reliant on! On your jump with us, we leave right out of the SRQ International airport! We then have a scenic ride to altitude directly over the Gulf of Mexico and the beautiful keys and beaches of Sarasota.

There are views all the way from Tampa to Port Charlotte. After about 20 minutes, the door will open and you will jump out with your instructor. You will free fall for 30 seconds at 120 mph and then have a peaceful parachute ride down.

Your instructor will even let you steer the parachute! After flying for several minutes, you will land on a beautiful area right near the Braden River. Then, we will watch your videos and you will receive a gift package and walk away with the experience of the most scenic skydive you can find!


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