Shikoku Tours

Shikoku Tours offers full-service, custom and package adventure trips with a focus on Shikoku, Japan's least-developed island.


Shikoku is Japan’s smallest, least-developed island, bordered by the beautiful Inland Sea in the north, and the Pacific in the south. It’s home to western Japan’s highest mountain and some stunning rivers. We offer full-service tours to explore the natural and cultural wonders of this unique island. Since we’re licensed travel agents, we can also arrange your travel within Japan to Shikoku too.

We work closely with local transport and accommodation providers who would otherwise be left out of the inbound tourism market. Their personal attention to your comfort and enjoyment is what makes your trip to Shikoku special. Shikoku is our home, so we know it best, and we can show you places you wouldn\’t otherwise know about.

Shikoku Tours offers both package tours and customised travel options, so you’re sure to find a trip that suits your budget and travel style. Travel around Shikoku requires knowledge of complex transportation and accommodation options. We manage all this for you and provide real time support.

We’re the experts for the Shikoku Pilgrimage and Shikoku adventure travel, with connections to suppliers and guides for all types of outdoor activity.

We look forward to serving you.


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