Shar Outdoors

Shar Outdoors-Adventures in Macedonia and in the Balkans, we provide multi-adventure holidays, customised according to your needs.


At Shar Outdoors we are always committed to wilderness and nature, we grew up on the mountains we guide.

Shar outdoors is a team of people who share the same idea of eco friendly and sustainable use of natural resources. The love and passion towards the outdoors is what brought us together in the idea to build the company and start living from what we love doing. We are driven by the idea of endless searching for deep snow and untouched terrain in order to show it to like minded people, curious to try and explore something different.

It is our mission to contribute to the local community by opening new jobs for people sharing the same idea.

Our strong beliefs are that through eco friendly tourism we can save our mountains focusing on the niche market and placing & promoting our tours to travellers that share the same passion of protecting and preserving the natural environment.

If your next holiday includes discovering new mountains, skiing, ski-touring, snowboarding, split-boarding, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing on untouched and unique places, experience naturalness of the region and great hospitality, one of our adventures in Macedonia for sure needs to be in your next destination. Fulfilled by mountains, rivers and lakes it’s the perfect destination for people hungry for new adventures in the outdoors. Your holiday in the Balkans would never be the same again after experiencing the hidden treasures of Macedonia.

Based on Shar Mountain in North Macedonia, which is the well kept secret among the powder hungry adventurers, we provide first class of cat ski freeride service. What you need to do is pack your equipment and get ready for unforgettable free riding, amazing scenery, delicious food and the warm hospitality by our locals.

We provide guided freeride catski tours, ski holidays & ski touring holidays in Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo. Our team of guides are always willing yo show you the secret places and to make your ski free ride experience both fun and safe. From ski touring day trips to multiple day adventures through the mountain. with combination of touring and possible use of a snowcat for more effective approach to the remote areas, we provide customisable full service packages for the ski enthusiast who wants to explore the beautiful Balkan outdoors.

We have created and developed these sustainable and eco- friendly tours that are suitable for every of rider, from beginner to intermediate to advanced . As well as our electrical mountain bikes, they are convenient, easy and suitable for riders of all levels. Our mountain biking guides are highly experienced mountain bike riders who will make sure every single attendant gets to know all the safety and technical essentials before every ride.


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