Russian Cycle Touring Club

Bicycle tours in Russia and beyond since 1996. The Russian Cycle Touring Club offers much more than just bicycle tours...


We organize incredible bicycle tours for the international cyclists to the most interesting places of Russia. Our bicycle tours give you a unique chance to see the real Russia, not from a bus window but from your bicycle saddle, accompanied by Russian cyclists.

You will enjoy an unhurried bicycle tour through picturesque views and hilly landscapes, breathing the fragrances of field and forest, gentle breezes caressing your face. You will meet ordinary Russians and experience their hospitality.

Ancient cities in the historic heartland of Russia, and its secluded corners, rarely seen by tourists, magnificent Orthodox churches and monasteries, authentic Russian cuisine, and Russian steam baths – all these sensations will give you a vivid image of Russia, which you will remember forever!

Plus we offer trips to Georgia from Tbilisi to Batumi and in Tuscan Italy.

7 reasons to travel with Russian Cycle Touring Club:
1. Guaranteed departure
2. We have more than 20 year experience of guiding bicycle tours and more than 30 year experience of cycling in Russia
3. We organize real bike tours, not bus tours with some casual cycling
4. We try to see real Russian life, not just mass tourist spots
5. Our tours are very educational – besides cycling we prepared rich cultural program.
6. We have international groups including Russian cyclists – communication inside the group is the great part of the tour
7. You are not our customers – you are the guests of our club!


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