Rising Dragon School

Rising Dragon School - Residential Martial Arts, Yoga & Fitness Training Bases in China, Lapland and Barbados.


Rising Dragon School (RDS) Was established and founded in 2007 by British Martial Artist and Entrepreneur, Scott Bird.

RDS was founded on the simple principle of having the very best world class Kung Fu Masters and fitness instructors in the best possible environments to de-stress, learn and become the best and healthiest version of yourself!

Our doors are open to anyone with a positive attitude and the will to improve, learn and grow along like minded individuals from around the world!

One of our aims is to produce a total environment where culture, class, race or creed are left outside so you can focus on what’s important – Self Development!

RDS China – Located on the Himalayan Foothills along side a Buddhist Temple in South-West China offers various styles of traditional Chinese Martial Arts, Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi and circuit style fitness training.

RDS Barbados -Offers annual retreats to completely de-stress, unwind and relax in luxury while learning various breathing techniques from Qigong & Pranayama, Tai Chi and daily Yoga Asana practice.

RDS Lapland – A completely tailored personal training experience just outside the Arctic circle during January, February and March. Whatever your goals and needs are the training and diet will be 100% tailored to achieve your goals! – The training here is intense and not for the feint hearted!

Welcome to Rising Dragon School!


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