Rafting Centar Drina-Tara

Rafting Centar Drina Tara, the biggest centre for the outdoor activities in Europe, is the perfect place for those who want adventure!


Rafting Centar Drina-Tara is easily accessible by car and public transport and we have parking provided in the camp.

Our company is proud of its capacity of 400 beds in double and quadruple bungalows! Out of these are more then 70 Deluxe bungalows with bathrooms and over 200 beds. Scented fabrics on comfortable beds made of solid wood will add to your timeless experience of these unique landscapes! Direct contact between wildlife and nature, family welcome, the taste of hot bread, local cheese and ham, the smell of solid wood with comfortable rooms built for relaxing and pleasure, are what you\’ll remember us for!

In addition to the best conditions and accommodation, without false modesty, we are proud of the top organization and the best selected team! As many as 12 cooks-housekeepers prepare superb traditional meals for you with organic products from the canyon and the Tara area! Our team also includes the service of smiling waiters and the best skippers in the canyon of Tara who care about the most important-your security!

Our skippers are licensed boat guides and each is backed by hundreds of descents, rafting experience in other wild waters and experience in competitive and sport white water rafting! Our guides and drivers of Jeeps are also experienced hunters and fishermen who grew up in these parts!


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