Radical Kite Center

Radical Kite Center offer the best kite surf holidays in Greece. Learning in a friendly safe and fun environment with shallow water, sandy bottom in a safe bay.

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Radical Kite Center

Radical Kite Center has been active in the field of Kite Surfing. For more than 15 successive years. It is located in the best spot of Greece because the water is shallow, the bottom is sandy and it covers a wide area where one kite surf on either direction left or right carelessly.

The wind being stable and thermal throughout the whole summer is also a factor which makes our spot so unique. Taking into consideration all the above, it is obvious that students are eager to learn ,they do not get tired easily and they remained excited throughout the training session.

As a result, we are able to provide you with the highest possible qualitative experience when it comes to your training. Moreover, we have high safety standards for beginners, advanced and kids too.

During all past years we have developed a unique training method for kite boarding, therefore, we cane take from a beginners level all the way up to the advanced or if you are already familiar with the sport you can be sure that will take you further than that in a matter of days. Our long experience also gives us the potential to instruct even kids from the age of 10 and teach them in a secure way.

Radical Kite Center stay open from April to October and we have been the only Kite Surfing Center in southern Greece with certified license since 2004. Located in Nea Kios , Nafplion in Argolida it is easily accessible and the only Kite Surfing Center that is so close to the airport of the capital city, Athens (one and a half hours away by bus.)

Being based in Nafplion and more specifically on the 5th km of the coastal road which connects Nafplion with Nea Kios. It is all about you trusting us and us passing our experience to you!


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