Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure

Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure are a locally owned pioneer Mountain biking company, Mountain biking guided tours, Cycling tours and multi-adventure tours.


Our Mountain biking tours take you to the highest pass of Round Annapurna circuit, to the famous Lupra mountain biking trails of Lower Mustang, to the Manaslu Larky pass, to the forbidden Kingdom of Lo-Upper Mustang, to Peaky Peak and to the Chitwan national park. These tours include off-the-beaten-path trails, single tracks and dirt-roads always in combination with visits to rural and remote villages and cultural and religious heritage sites.

The unique tours by Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure take you to snow-capped mountains, alpine-forests, traditional rice terraces, culturally diverse and authentic villages, narrow river valleys and the deepest gorge in the world. The breath-taking scenery of the Himalayas, visits to ancient temples and monasteries, truly authentic encounters with local communities and their vibrant cultures and unique lifestyles are never forgetting experiences on our tours you will find nowhere on earth.

We are an environmentally friendly and socially responsible company that has been practising and working under the principle of sustainable tourism.


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