Pohatu Penguins

Pohatu penguins offers unique nature and sea-kayaking safari to the largest colony of Little penguins on mainland New Zealand near Akaroa on Banks Peninsula.


Pohatu/ Flea Bay is a beautiful sheltered bay out on the wild south eastern corner of Banks Peninsula. It is home to the largest Little Penguin Colony on mainland New Zealand with over 2000 penguins breeding there. The Helps have won a number of conservation awards for protecting penguins on their land over the last three decades.

Join a small group tour from Akaroa over one of the most scenic back country roads by 4WD van to see and experience a thriving Little penguin colony.

Many options to choose from including Evening penguin tour, Nature tours, Sea-kayaking safaris or a 24 hour package with a night in the middle of the colony.

Pohatu Penguins is a family-run business with a long standing history of protecting the Korora (Little Penguin). The colony survival is accredited to Shireen and Francis Helps who have cared for the penguins for 30+ years.

When the Helps first began their conservation work the penguins faced massive challenges that threatened their very existence. These challenges included predation via introduced predators such as dogs, cats, ferrets and stoats, gill net fishing and other human disturbances. Colonies around Banks Peninsula declined at an alarming rate and most disappeared altogether. Through predator trapping, monitoring, rehabilitation and immense dedication the Helps have stabilized the Pohatu Colony – and it continues to grow! In addition to their penguin conservation work the Helps family have also, for many years, protected native forests and other endemic species. Their work helped found the award-winning Wildside Conservation Project.

To this day, the Helps family continue to be leaders in conservation.

Their efforts continue to be fully self-funded via Pohatu Penguins’ tours. When purchasing a tour you have a positive input on our little Korora.


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