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Jordan is a great destination for outdoor lovers and families with top attractions and landscapes offering a lot of activities. Explore with Petra Nights Tours

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Petra Nights Tours

Born and raised in Petra, Jordan’s leading attraction, hospitality is in our families’ blood. My grandfather escorted visitors already to Petra when the British had the mandate over Transjordan and Palestine. Petra was not easy accessible at that time, it took a long journey.

My grandfather picked customers from Jerusalem, where close by the first airport had been. Over dirt roads they made their way to Musa Spring. On back of horses they rode from there into Petra. For lack of accommodation visitors stayed overnight inside Petra around the remains of Qasr Al Bint.

My family followed the footsteps of my grandfather as tour guides and later as hotel keeper. On my grandfather’s adventures from Jerusalem to our home Petra Nights Tours had been born. Our official story began in 1999. I started to organize tours, to share with visitors not just Petra but other sites and amazing landscapes our country has to offer.

To let every Petra Nights Tours customer enjoy Jordan at its best and see our country, the people and the culture for what it is.

Every day at Petra Nights Tours, we go to work hoping to do two things: share our wonderful country with visitors and help make the service industry a little bit better.

• We believe in the importance of hospitality. We distinguish ourselves through our strong commitment to improve.
• Customer satisfaction is our first goal and we believe we can reach it through quality control. For this
reason, we constantly measure and evaluate our guests’ satisfaction for a consistent service.
• Creating and operating a holiday is a great responsibility. Our team acts every day with care to fulfil this task.
• There is no such thing as a perfect holiday for all. Therefore we customize tours, to find the right itinerary for each traveler.
• We know that every detail is important, and for this reason make our best effort to care for all those \”little things\” so that your trip will be great.
• We are honest and open with our partners and customers.
• When in Jordan our field staff will treat customers like a new friend, you are at the heart and soul of our company.
• There are no hidden costs in our offers.
• We practice and require fair business. Our team members and our suppliers receive just earnings for the services provided. We do not offer reduced prices at the expense of humans and nature.
• We are committed to responsible travel. We want to leave a positive impact in communities where we
work. Where the opportunity exists we prefer to work with local hotels and suppliers. We do our best to
contribute to our aim not to change the culture or damaging the wilderness.


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