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The Top 10 Reasons To Go With Pedalers

1: We’re one of the best. No, really.
We’ve been doing bike tours for more than 32 years. We’ve led hundreds of rides, received thousands of thank-yous, and been ranked as one of the top adventure travel experiences by National Geographic — twice.

We welcome all riders, from energetic beginners to elite-level enthusiasts, and offer tours suitable for all levels. Whether you want to cycle along the Great Alaska Highway or explore a real-life Shangri-La, rest assured: we know exactly where to go and the perfect way to get there.

2: We love cycling! (and exploring)

Bike touring isn’t just our business, it’s our passion. Our infectious enthusiasm and love of adventure have set us apart in the travel industry for nearly three decades. Our spirit is what our guests remember us by, and it’s why they recommend us to their friends.

Pedalers trips include plenty of mileage to keep things challenging, but we always find the time to go off-book and discover new treasures. From the first day to the last, you’ll find yourself enthralled by spectacular sites and attractions, and charmed by the spontaneity and joie-de-vivre of our warm, personable team.

ps: We love hiking and paddling too, exploring the world in an active manner is our primary love.

3: We go off the beaten path.

With decades of experience under our belts, we know how to ride the road less traveled. We love to explore and improvise — should you stumble onto a side road you just can’t resist, chances are we’ll want to take it, too.

We continually draw on the expertise of local cyclists, guides, and restauranteurs to uncover hidden cultural gems and create the most unique, memorable routes possible. Not everyone can find the calcite crystal caves of Mae Hong Son Province or the 1,000 year-old Buddha images in Wat Tham Tab Tao — but we can.

4: We hire expert local guides.

Nearly every one of our guides is local to the region they tour. Unlike foreign guides that get flown in by international companies, our guides treat you to local delights they themselves treasure. In Bhutan, Tashi takes his guests to visit his grandmother’s farm in the country. In Thailand, Yai takes her guests to her favourite local escape — a secret hot spring nestled in the mountains, known only to the small tribal village that lives nearby.

On a Pedalers tour, you’ll soon discover that your guide isn’t just a navigator — they’re a direct line into the culture, cuisine, and spirit of the land you’ve chosen to explore.

5: We stay in delightful inns and resorts.

Pedalers relies on a carefully vetted network of beautiful, full-service accommodations to round out every tour. We choose local, independently-owned establishments in prime locations, steering away from forgettable franchises and over-the-top luxury resorts.

Our overnight stays strike a rare balance between cultural authenticity and modern luxury. Whether we stop near the ruins of an ancient city or in a tranquil Buddhist paradise, you can still expect ensuite bathrooms, hot showers, friendly, helpful staff, and unforgettable food. Which brings us to No. 6 . . . .

6: We eat unforgettable food.

After a day’s ride, there are few things more gratifying than an evening of food, drink, and great conversation. After all, a meal isn’t just for fueling up: it’s a way to immerse yourself in the everyday delights of other cultures.

Don’t expect vouchers for the hotel dining room on a Pedalers tour. When dinner time rolls around, our guides lead the way to local restaurants for an evening of true culinary adventure. Gathered around a table with the rest of your tour group, you’ll feast every night on the best regional dishes in town.

7: We travel responsibly.

We perfected the art of low-impact, culturally sensitive travel long before “ecotourism” got its name. We do it because it’s what we’ve always believed in, not because it’s the latest travel trend.

Before the start of every tour, we’ll teach you how to maintain a non-intrusive presence on the road and how to interact respectfully with the locals. You’ll notice we also strive to minimize the ecological footprint of our tours. Almost everything on our trips — dishware, water, energy use — is conserved, recycled, or otherwise sustainably disposed of, without compromising your comfort or pleasure.

8: We camp comfortably.

Who says camping has to mean “roughing it?” On our Alaskan summer tours, you can indulge in hot showers and crack open some cold micro-brew as soon as you roll into camp. Our guests relax and chat the evening away while we whip up our signature “practically-gourmet” camping dinner menu.

Peppercorn-crusted smoked Alaskan salmon. Rich fettucine alfredo. Pan-seared herb-marinated pork chops basted with wine. Grilled-to-order buffalo burgers with garlic-herbed potato salad. Espresso-glazed halibut. What can we say? No matter where we are, we eat to ride, and we ride to eat.

9: We offer superb support.

No one should feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed on a bike tour, even if it’s their first. We ensure the comfort and safety of every guest with a roomy, air-conditioned sagwagon, local, preprogrammed cellphones, and knowledgeable drivers with a sixth sense for finding delicious roadside treats.

To make sure everyone rides at their own level, we employ a special “leap-frog” support technique: Rather than use the sagwagon to pick people up once they’re tired, we use it to shuttle beginners ahead of the pack. This way, novice cyclists get a head start, seasoned cyclists can ride hard to catch up, and everyone finishes on the bike, together — the best way to end a long day’s ride.

10: Did we mention we have fun!


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