Oluokos Signature

Oluokos Signature offers bookings, point-to-point road transfers, advice on hotels, resorts, luxury camps, flights, vacation homes


A Kenyan company, Oluokos Signature is a sustainable and specialist holiday outfitter with a focus on nature, conservation, and communities creating signature experiences that put our guests in the right place at the right time all year round in Eastern and Central Africa.

Our highly devoted team of specialists have unmatched on-the-ground knowledge and have all lived or guided in the destinations that they share.

The success of our operations requires three vital ingredients: conservation, community, and commerce. At Oluokos Signature our responsible expeditions policy binds us to genuine sustainability in all aspects of our business planning and operations. We are so much more than your ordinary safari operator.

We’re a responsible experiences designer, a passionate community changer, and above all nature conservationists. At Oluokos, we specialize in achieving your best holiday experiences by impacting our community positively.

Come and experience what Africa has to offer while you impact positively the lives of people in our hand-picked destinations.


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