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Explore fantastic Nordic countries with Nordic Unique Travels. Try many activities under the dancing Northern Lights in Lapland and the Arctic Circle!


A once-in-a-lifetime travel experience for you – that is our goal. From the charm and culture of Lapland’s cities to the mystical ancient woodlands; from whale watching in the deep seas to viewing the Northern Lights on the sky. In each tour, we share with you interesting and inspirational stories of each place and will explain to you the origins and history of local customs.

This knowledge, combined with the sights and sounds around you, will provide you with a full immersion into the lush culture and history of Lapland. Nordic Unique Travels are here to provide you with a unique and individual experience of the real Lapland.

Our holiday packages include transportation between your accommodation and activity places, mentioned meals and activities. We carefully specified what is and what is not included for each holiday package.



Nordic Unique Travels closely cooperate with local providers of activities, accommodation, equipment and souvenirs. Our portfolio includes tours to rural areas of Lapland, where tourists can experience the untouched Lappish nature in small locally owned hotels.

Our company is family-owned and it, and its permanent employees, contribute fully to the local economies.


All our guides follow a strict leave no trace policy and they will always make sure that nothing is left in the nature. However, we also encourage you: ‘Please, do not leave trash after yourself! Whether you are on our tour or not.’ During the tour, you can always give your trash to our guide, who will take it where it belongs.

During our tours, we provide local food such as reindeer sausage or salmon soup. The food and drinks are served in recyclable or reusable dishware. We mostly use an ecological outdoor dishware made in Finland. Fortunately, water in Finland is very clean, so we use tap water in refillable bottles in our tours.

We use brand new and well-maintained snowmobiles and ATVs so that we minimize the Co2 and noise pollution. Our fat-bikes are even better and eco-friendlier alternative to enjoy the beauty of Lapland.


The Sámi people are the only indigenous people of Europe and they live in Lapland. We provide many tours during which our customers can learn a lot about the Sámi culture and history, for example Sámi reindeer farm tour.

In addition, in our small souvenir store, we sell souvenirs made in Finland and Lapland. All our postcards are made by a local company in Rovaniemi.


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€ 69 for 7 hours
Activities: Walking
Destinations: Europe, Finland, Helsinki
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