Mujuni African Adventures

Unleash your wanderlust with Mujuni African Adventures! We specialize in crafting bespoke safari vacations in Tanzania and Zanzibar.


We are Mujuni African Adventures, a company that specialises in creating custom safari vacations in Tanzania and Zanzibar. As a tour operator in Tanzania and Zanzibar for the past five years, we have developed a network of contacts across the nation and amassed extensive knowledge of the national parks and game reserves.

We now want to spread this knowledge throughout the world so that other travellers can witness Tanzania’s and Zanzibar’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Every luxurious Tanzanian safari we offer is meant to be extraordinary. Not just a personalised experience for you, but also a special journey. We want to show you a side of Tanzania that most people don’t see while on safari by taking you off the beaten path.

In order to ensure your safety and comfort, we take great pride in our fleet of contemporary vehicles, which are kept in top condition. Our expert guides have been hand-picked for their in-depth knowledge of Tanzania’s national parks and experience with wildlife.

Although all of our tour guides speak English, we can also arrange for guides who speak Italian, French, Spanish, German, and other languages.


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