Morocco desert tours

Morocco desert tours

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Africa, Fes, Fez, Marrakech, Morocco,

Morocco Desert Tours specializes in tailor-made holidays and exciting excursion in morocco for independent travel and private tours. We arrange desert trekking as well as guided walks with nights in nomad tent.

This is the real and authentic Morocco.

Explore the corners, depths and hidden gems of the Moroccan kingdom with us on one of our classic tours or plan your own custom itinerary and we will adjust it for you to suit your needs, schedule and interests.

Our small group or private Morocco desert tours from Marrakech, from Fes or elsewhere on request, will take you on an unforgettable journey to Morocco’s most amazing places.

We’re able to do this because we value our guides and drivers, paying them accordingly so they don’t need to rely on commission for income.

PS : Some places offer the opportunity to check the Moroccan artisanal items with the possibility to buy them, in such places, you can simply take a look around and learn about the items without being forced to buy, and of course, if you are not interested, all you need to do is tell your driver.

Morocco Desert Tours maintains a strict policy of transparency around pricing. Our goal is to bring you the most enriching, enjoyable and quality experience while on tour with us in Morocco. It’s why we’re transparent in our pricing. We do not present reduced tour pricing and cover costs through commissions made at overpriced shopping stops. You get what you pay for, and most of the time, a little more 🙂


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