Matador Whitsunday

An affordable diverse 2 days connecting with others and creating new experiences with Matador Whitsunday

Sailing, Snorkelling,

Do you love the sound of an affordable diverse 2 days connecting with others and creating new experiences? Escape the mainland and your normal responsibilities with Matador Whitsunday.

Enjoy snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, feeling the sand between your toes at the famous Whitehaven Beach, sunset sailing, sleeping under the stars if you choose all while under the care of a knowledgeable crew and no time restrictions.
Indulge yourself on freshly prepared meal within the spacious surroundings of our open plan vessel.

Experience the freedom of sailing all while appreciating the most Eco friendly and sustainable way of seeing the Whitsundays.

For a truly unique experience on board a legend, join us on a two-day/one-night sail through the Whitsunday Islands to Whitehaven Beach and the best snorkelling spots the islands have to offer.

If you’re up for a sailing adventure or simply looking for a relaxing time in the newly acclaimed ‘Best destination in Australia,’ book your sailing cruise now on Matador Whitsundays to explore this tropical paradise.

With the majority of travellers between 20 – 40 years of age, Matador caters to adventurers all ages, welcoming families and people from all walks of life on an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the best local produce from the Whitsunday Islands, ranging from delicious roast chicken to crunchy salads and tropical fruit, all freshly prepared by our cook. Sitting on Matador Whitsundays’ massive deck, slowing sipping cool refreshments whilst watching the sun slowing sinking in a haze of orange, is the best way to close out a beautiful day.

As the yacht drifts off in preparation for the next day’s exploring, experience the beauty of the ocean glistening in the moonlight with waves gently lapping at the keel to provide a serenade to gently rock you to sleep.

We believe in providing an awesome product for an affordable price, which is why we only sell directly and through one online travel agent, passing all of the savings onto you.

If you are thinking of sailing the Whitsundays and would like any further information contact us today!


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