La Caletta Kite

Mojokite kitesurf school located in Sardegna in the bay of La Caletta. Kitesurf lessons and rentals.


La Calettea Kite is part of Mojokite with schools in both Barcelona and Sardegna since 2007. The Mojokite instructors are very professional and friendly, always happy to share their biggest passion.

The La Caletta Kite school is active on all windy days and offers kitesurf lessons, rentals, roadtrips and kitesurf camps. Also they have a sales department online where you can always find a good deal on a new or second hand kite, board, etc.

La Caletta kitebeach is less than an hour drive from the airport Olbia, its very easy to travel there from any country in europe. Its a perfect beach for beginners as there are no waves, rocks or currents. Also there is lots of space. (ssst it\’s still a secret kitebeach ).

The La Caletta Mojokite kitesurf school is located on the camping ground, right next to the kitebeach. Its also a very nice place to stay as the camping has thousands of pine trees and it feels like your sleeping in the middle of the woods. Its only 10 mins walk to the kitebeach.

All the lesson and rental sessions included a boat for extra personal assistance, safety and upwind rides.

Jump on board and join the Mojokite kitesurf community, enjoy life!


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