Kenyan Epic Safaris

Kenyan Epic Safaris is a home-grown tour company based in Nairobi; we major in all matters travel regarding East Africa. Our main


We specialize in wildlife safaris in Kenya, best tours in Tanzania & Uganda adventure trekking safaris. This en compasses prior booking of hotels, desired touristic marvels and assorted modes of transport desired by the client such as safari vans and 4×4 land cruiser that can be incorporated in any tour package or hired out on a self-drive basis.

Kenyan Epic Safaris pride ourselves on providing above board services and wonderful thrilling holidays that encompass the imagination of every tourist seeking an adventure in East Africa. We oversee the day to day activities that our clients wish to undertake and advise them accordingly in terms of the best time to embark on an African wildlife adventure.

Epic game viewing experience, boat rides, balloon safaris, walking trekking adventures, air travel and putting together camping gear for mountain climbing and outdoor camping are just but of the activities, our clients rise up to while on holiday.

We call upon you to give us the opportunity to consolidate your dream holiday tour and all that will be left on you is to seat, unwind and enjoy the best that Africa has to offer.


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