ITMC: Culture and adventure travel in Kyrgyzstan

ITMC is a top class tour operator conduct travel programme offering culture and adventure travel in Kyrgyzstan


The Great Silk Road that has been regenerating itself as a tourist attraction in the last ten years, is an outstanding achievement of the nations who for thousands of years lived along this ancient highway of commerce and culture. As centuries passed by, each civilization on this famous route has left its vestiges that remained intact to our time. ITMC will help you rediscover the values of mankind\’s cultural heritage.

ITMC is a top class tour operator offering culture and adventure travel in Kyrgyzstan. They conduct travel programmes in the countries on the Silk Road: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Modern technology in addition to advertising, promotion and marketing help the company to attract more and more tourists to the fascinating destinations of the East. ITMC avail itself of the Orient’s long-standing traditions of hospitality and do their best to insure a comfortable and pleasurable journey for every traveler on this ancient road.

The range of service includes visa support and accommodation, transportation service and sightseeing programs, constants assistance throughout the entire tour. In addition, guest will be able to feel the spirit of local people by attending social events and celebrations, cultural shows, traditional meals in guest houses, entertainments, etc.

Businessmen can rely on companies’ support during their business trips in Central Asia. Tour operators can provide translators and interpreters for all occasions. The companies provide a wide range of reliable services, managed be highly experienced specialists so check them out for culture and adventure travel in Kyrgyzstan.


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