Indigenous Kokoda Adventures

Indigenous Kokoda Adventures offer life changing treks along the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea while ensuring our tours benefit the local communities.


Indigenous Kokoda Adventures (IKA) is committed to providing trekkers with a safe, extremely challenging trek in a remote part of the world. Our goal is for all trekkers to safely complete their trek, have some fun while doing so and learn about the people and cultures of Papua New Guinea directly from the local people, our people.

Our treks are designed to provide trekkers with an opportunity to experience PNG culture while also having the personal satisfaction of mastering the challenge of completing the Kokoda Track. Mastering the physical difficulties of The Kokoda Track is an experience that will never be forgotten.

Our trekkers can be confident when booking with us because since we are local there is minimal tourism leakage – most of all tour fees stay in the communities along the Kokoda Track and with our guides and porters (who are from the Track) being provided with fair and equitable employment compensation packages, they are better able to educate their children and provide for their families.

Because education for both boys and girls is one of the pillars upon which we stand, we also work with local coffee farmers in the Kokoda region, selling lKA branded coffee. Net proceeds from coffee sales provide scholarships through our foundation, the IKA Foundation, for post Grade 8 education for the children along the Track.

Most parents are unable to fund education beyond the primary level, and those that can, can usually only fund one child, and it is usually a boy. We believe that in order for the cycle of poverty to be broken, it is critical that both boys AND girls are provided with access to education. Our coffee, Kokoda Luti Coffee, represents the heart and soul of Kokoda – our children who are the future of the Kokoda Track and Papua New Guinea.

We invite you to come and experience the beauty of Papua New Guinea and the challenge of a trek along the Kokoda Track while doing good for the communities that you will trek through. Meet the challenge while meeting our people. We speak the truth when we say you will not return home the same person.


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