Galloping Safaris

Galloping Safaris are a boutique luxury Safari and Kilimanjaro climbing tour provider. Native Tanzanian Owned and Operated since 2013.


A native Tanzanian owned and operated tour provider, Galloping Safaris offer luxury safari and Kilimanjaro climbing tours to show our guests the land, people and wildlife we love. As we are the actual providers, no middleman, we can provide you a private safari at approximately the same cost large tour operators charge for a group safari. That’s the advantage of Galloping Safaris.

We employ 10 professional drivers – guides with an average experience of 15 years. We have very high standards when it comes to hiring and retaining personnel. We can say without reservation that these individuals are quite simply the most knowledgeable, hard-working and passionate guides in the industry.

All of our guides are local Tanzanians, fluent in English, and most have advanced wildlife certificates from the Mweka Wildlife College – the oldest and most prestigious wildlife college in Africa. Course work includes wildlife ecology, conservation, field skills, identification, biology, and advanced tour guiding.


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